Novation provides inspiration for finishing tracks from Floating Points and othersScreen Shot 2016 03 14 At 9.07.13 AM

Novation provides inspiration for finishing tracks from Floating Points and others

An omniscient struggle that producers deal with is putting the final touches on a track that has been in development for days or weeks, or even months or years. Even if a piece of music seems complete to someone, to the producer looking back, there is always certain aspects that could have been done better.

Being able to confidently call a song “finished” does not always happen, and this video, produced by Novation, gives a little insight into how different artists go about achieving a final product. Some tracks will quite literally finish themselves, but that inspiration is not always present. In the case that the finishing touches drag on too long, a hard deadline can be a lifesaver for some, because it provides that feeling of closure, even if it never feels quite “done.”

In the end, as these artists explain, true inspiration is what gives the final edge, whether that is the typical process or not. Although this cannot be turned on and off like a faucet, some common methods mentioned in the video are gathering inspiration from working another part of your brain by exercising or creating another form of art, or bouncing tracks often and listening to them in different situations.

No matter the method, having the element of closure on music pieces is incredibly important. It can be very vulnerable releasing music, but this is a feeling that all artists go through when they end up putting their art out into the world, and appreciating that this is a common feeling can do wonders on allowing yourself closure on a track.

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