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Salva and Mr. Carmack link up on ‘A.D.D.’

Sometime last year, a rumor had begun to circulate momentarily that Salva and Mr. Carmack had plans for an extended collaboration. Though the project, thought to be called CVS, never really seemed to come to fruition, we now have the first taste of what could have been in the works between the two producers. Salva has proven he can do anything from hip-hop to breaks to acid house, and with Carmack out there in a thematic league of his own, the pairing of these two producer’s affinity for experimentation shines through as impressively cohesive on “A.D.D.”

The track spirals down into a xylophone doldrum, mischievously tip-toeing around off-kilter chimes and drum arrangements. Piping in some sharp hi-hat flurries and a few vocal chops, Carmack and Salva on the same beat is exactly the sort of strangely satisfying concoction you would expect it to be. There’s a lot going on in the pair’s aptly titled “A.D.D.,” a likely indicator that big ideas between these two are turning — hopefully this is just the beginning.

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