Sasha & Digweed reunited for a surpise b2b at Ministry Of SoundSasha Digweed

Sasha & Digweed reunited for a surpise b2b at Ministry Of Sound

Sasha & Digweed are two names that will be forever celebrated in the dance music scene. Last night, March 24, something historic happened: the two joined forces at Digweed’s Bedrock Easter celebration show at Ministry of Sound. Upon Sasha’s arrival, the two subsequently kicked off a b2b set that reminded us why they are such leaders in the progressive genre. Immediately, the internet broke out in shock and excitement at the idea of them in the booth together again, hoping for a possible tour or more performances.

It just so happens that both artists will be at this year’s Coachella which kicks off Weekend 1 on April 14. If we’re lucky, perhaps we’ll see another surprise b2b.

For those unaware of the pair’s lengthy history, it’s worth catching up on it to understand how truly significant this moment is. After meeting in the early ’90s through their respective residencies at the Renaissance club in London, they soon decided to work together as a duo, and released their first mix compilation Renaissance: The Mix Collection in 1994. Growing together, the two became known for their contributions to progressive house, and later, trance. In fact, they are best known as some of progressive house’s earliest creators and purveyors, earning them the “godfather” titles.

By 1996, their ascension to stardom had been cemented with the unveiling of their seminal Northern Exposure mix album, which featured the most groundbreaking progressive music at the time. In 1998, they introduced the world to equally forward-thinking trance with their third Northern Exposure which included genre-defining hits like “Silence” by Delerium and “Morning Glory” by Union Jack.

Their celebrity led to high demand for live performances, and thus initiated years of consistent touring and residencies at influential clubs such as New York’s Twilo, which ended in 2001. Perhaps the most notable part of their time together, however, was their Delta Heavy tour which kicked off in 2002 and brought their incredible brand of music all over the United States accompanied by lasers and visuals, new technology at the time.

Following their last string of performances and festival appearances in 2009, and a reunion at 2010’s Ultra, the world has been virtually devoid of the two legends performing together as Sasha & Digweed. Both DJs have taken the time apart to cultivate their respective labels and tour as solo acts. Digweed, for instance, has since embraced more techno sounds, while Sasha continues to keep up with his enchanting style of progressive.

We can only hope that their recent reunion at Ministry of Sound portends more collaborative ventures to come.

Photo credit: Robert Giordano

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