Snails & Protohype give away their popular collaboration, ‘Take It Off’Protohype Snails Take It Off

Snails & Protohype give away their popular collaboration, ‘Take It Off’

Stalwart artists on the bass-inclined side of EDM have rallied behind Snails and his raunchy “vomitstep” concoctions. His latest release airs on the progenitor side of his self-made subgenre — a short, yet punchy dubstep collaboration with Protohype which he deems enjoyable everywhere including the strip club. Like its title, the track is provocative in nature as a hyped-up MC in the background urges listeners to “take it off” before dropping into a high-fueled pandemonium of bass and high-pitched synth roars that conjure images of robots battling each other while stimulating the aggressive side of the brain. Having perfected the art of turn-up music, Snails looks forward to continued prosperity in 2016 as he prepares for his debut Coachella appearance.

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