Sony reveals Concept N ear-free headphones at SXSWSony Music CFO

Sony reveals Concept N ear-free headphones at SXSW

Sony has revealed a new prototype that may indicate the future of headphones is ear-free. Called the Concept N, the headphones lay around the user’s neck and project sound upwards towards the ear. The intent is to allow individuals to listen to their music while also still being able to hear what is going on in the outside world. Sony has also divulged that an optional set of earphones that loop around and place a speaker outside of the ear are available to improve sound quality.

Sony reveals Concept N ear-free headphones at SXSWSony ConceptN

Concept N, revealed at Austin’s SXSW festival, is a product of Sony’s Future Lab, which is dedicated to driving technological progress forward. The headphones won’t only play music, however, as they will also have voice-control capabilities and feature a camera.

Since the Concept N is still only a prototype, it remains to be seen whether headphones that rein back on immersing the user totally in their music will be accepted by the public. If it is received positively, though, expect to see the Concept N put into production.


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