Ticketmaster partners with Bandsintown to offer in-app ticket purchasesTicketmaster Bandsintown

Ticketmaster partners with Bandsintown to offer in-app ticket purchases

According to Jared Smith, Ticketmaster’s North American President, one of the ongoing problems in the music industry is fans’ ignorance of events happening around them. One of the best current solutions for this issue is the widely-used app Bandsintown, which allows users to track their favorite artists and receive notifications of events happening around them that they are likely to be interested in. With over 23 million concert-goers and more than 70% of all artists on tour in the US registered as users of the app, it has become an incredibly useful tool for fans and artists alike.

Up until now, users of the app had to buy tickets from third-party vendors, which can be incredibly inconvenient and time-consuming. Now, however, with a stroke of insight, Ticketmaster recently opened up its interface to Bandsintown, allowing the app to offer in-app purchases of tickets — meaning no more jumping to third-party websites and inputting a plethora of personal information every time.

The newly announced integration is a big step forward for both companies, with conversion rates increasing by an estimated factor of five. Furthermore, the move is only the first in a series of partnerships that Ticketmaster is planning on entering in the near future. Ultimately, the ticketing giant wants to provide a personalized one-stop shop experience by handling everything from tickets to merchandise and concessions.

For now, look for the new ticketing feature on Bandsintown to start appearing in the app by the end of the month.

Via: TechCrunch.com

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