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Verboten co-owner accused of sexual harassment and racism in the workplace

Brooklyn’s once-prized music venue situated just across the East River has fallen from grace with fans and employees alike. In January, Thump revealed that Verboten founders Jen Schiffer and her husband, John Perez, faced several accusations of fraud and mismanagement. Now, 16 current and former workers point to even deeper issues regarding Schiffer’s behavior in the workplace.

According to the NY Daily News, Jen, 40, was often quick to brag about “sleeping with more customers than her husband.” She also allegedly pressured workers into threesomes and tended to share far more about her personal life than would ever be deemed appropriate at a work-like setting, even if that setting resides within the nightlife industry. Furthermore, she’s been accused of racism, allegedly becoming incensed whenever there were too many black patrons in attendance.

Dylan Schwartz, a 24-year-old employee, has also been accused of sexual harassment. Schwartz allegedly approach a female employee, saying “Are you having a bad day? You should let me f— you.” Schiffer’s reaction, according to Steven Suchowieski, who worked at Verboten’s door, was jealously of those girls that Dylan targeted.

Schiffer has responded to the allegations saying, “This is disgusting. This is not true. I’m a woman trying to run a nightclub with her husband. This personal abuse and attack is disgusting.”

With racism, sexual harassment, mismanagement and fraud at play, Verboten may be standing on its last legs. Stay tuned to Dancing Astronaut for further updates.

Via: NY Daily News

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