Weekend Rewind: Listen to Cosmic Gate’s 2001 single “Exploration of Space”Cosmic Gate E1459035438169

Weekend Rewind: Listen to Cosmic Gate’s 2001 single “Exploration of Space”

In 2001, electronic dance music was was just starting to gain popularity within the US. The few years prior saw some massive dance music festivals, such as Cyberfest in 2000, that set the tone for other major festivals like EDC. During this time, trance could be considered as being in its heyday, with big names like Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren and then-DJ Tiesto catapulting the genre, and EDM in general, into the eyes of the mainstream.

Cosmic Gate, formed in Germany in 1999, entered the scene producing classic trance, albeit with slightly harder edge. But it wasn’t until their second original single, “Exploration of Space” that the duo were put on the map as distinguished producers. With driving bass that contains some elements of their harder music and a lead melody that has proved timeless over the last 15 years, the track ultimately led to the evolution of trance and production of later hits like “Be Your Sound” and “Wake Your Mind.”

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