AlunaGeorge and Flume premiere collaborative track ‘I Remember’Alunegeorge Flume I Remember

AlunaGeorge and Flume premiere collaborative track ‘I Remember’

Following previous single, “I’m In Control,” AlunaGeorge premiered their newest album track, “I Remember,” on Annie Mac’s BBC1 radio show. A collaboration with Flume, the track shows a slightly more wistful side to Harley Streten’s easy-going, hip-hop infused style, which, in this case, exquisitely complements Aluna’s airy vocals without detracting from them.

Written about long-lost love, the song blends nostalgic lyrics with a more uplifting beat, finding the right balance of emotions without getting too gloomy.

“I Remember” is the title track from AlunaGeorge’s new album, which, Aluna said while speaking on the show, “will come out sometime when the weather is still warm.”

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