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Bakermat’s ‘The Circus Tour’ Journal Part 2: Across North America in 10 days

Bakermat's 'The Circus Tour' Journal Part 2: Across North America in 10 days

As part of Bakermat’s ongoing ‘The Circus Tour,’ the Dutch trailblazer will be narrating his adventures in the US through a three-part series on Dancing Astronaut as he traverses Miami, Phoenix, and New York City. Told through a photo diary — with his inaugural edition featuring his Miami Music Week escapades — Lodewijk Fluttert invites fans to take one step closer into his life on the road.

Bakermat’s journey continues across North America as he illustrates his time spent in cities like Austin, New Orleans, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Phoenix. Having recently announced his stage-hosting duties at Belgium’s flagship festival, Tomorrowland, Fluttert had much to celebrate this week amidst the unraveling of his headlining tour. The wayfaring DJ and producer encapsulates his travels in a first-person narrative, spotlighting the most notable moments from his week.

Find Bakermat’s North American tour dates here.

Back at it again with the boys

After my amazing time in Miami, our first stop this week was Austin, Texas. It was a first for me and my team in this state, but we absolutely loved it. I played at Kingdom, a nice, dark club with a really good sound system. Loved the people and vibe, but had to go back to the hotel immediately after the gig, because we had an early flight to catch to New Orleans.”

I feel right at home in New Orleans

Visiting New Orleans has always been a dream of mine. It’s the city that lives and breathes the genre that I love so much: jazz. Upon arrival, we immediately went to Bourbon Street to have a glass of bourbon, as one should, and checked out some of the jazz bands at a couple of bars. It was an amazing experience! I completely fell in love with this city.”

My outfit fit right into this room

I played in a very old venue that night called Republic, which was great because it added a certain atmosphere to the night. I had an early bed time again, because we had to catch a morning flight to Houston!”

No, this is not our luxury private jet, just a van. Still a pretty damn cool way to travel

We had a brilliant pick up at the Houston airport, which allowed us to truly relax and get some rest on our way to the hotel.”

My manager 'Thierry Le Managé' always takes good care of me!

I played a pool party at 6pm, which is the perfect setting for my kind of music! Had a great afternoon, and partied hard after the set…”

After having some time to rest up in Houston, we flew all the way to Calgary in Canada to play at Bespoke, a very cool club, which was covered in funky art. A great night with a great crowd and quite the after party!”


Security protecting the crowd from my over-enthusiasm

“The next morning it was time for Edmonton. After a very short flight, we had dinner near the hotel and went to the venue. It was completely packed and the people were so enthusiastic that they almost crushed the booth! Luckily there were a couple of security guys that were there to help out, who placed some fences in the front so that the show could go on. Great night with a very cool crowd!”

Me posing with the love of my life in Ottawa

Ottawa was up next, my last destination in Canada. I played at a beautiful venue called Barrymore’s that used to be a theatre. It was packed and the vibe was amazing. I danced my ass off behind the decks as well :)”

F*** sunscreen, I'd rather get a SNBRN!

“After two hours of sleep the alarm ran at 7:00 to go to the airport. Phoenix, Arizona was up next! After a long flight with a layover in Chicago we finally arrived in Phoenix and took a quick power nap to gain some energy for the show. It was nice and hot and the festival looked great! I played during sunset, which was the perfect backdrop for my music. Vibes were high, people were smiling and it felt like a real celebration! The afterparty was really good as well and at midnight the whole crew fell asleep on the couch in our Airbnb.”

Damn Ben, back at it with that shiny sax

“Are you a pro or something?”

Now I’m hanging out in Phoenix for a couple of days and resting up for my last week of the “Circus Tour”. Next up is Chicago, New York, Detroit and  Salt Lake City! See you guys on the road!”

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