Coachella gets roasted by David Spade and Funny or DieDavid Spade Chella

Coachella gets roasted by David Spade and Funny or Die

Coachella, and its stereotypical average attendee, are on the receiving end of some cutting satire, courtesy of Funny or Die and Joe Dirt 2 costars David Spade and Charlotte McKinney. In a video, posted Friday, Spade pays a Coachella staffer that runs McKinney’s air-headed attendee through an entry questionnaire that covers everything from drug use, to  snapchat filters, to the presidential election, to the scores of modern festival goers who attend more for Instagram posts than music. Though briefly touching on major issues like overdoses and sexual assaults at festivals, the video is mostly good natured in its mockery. Regardless of whether you love Coachella or hate it, Spade’s video is spot on, and it’s always good to take a step back and laugh at some of the more ridiculous aspects of festival culture.

via Funny or Die

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