DA Premiere: Stereo MCs feat. Terranova – Deeper (Riva Starr Mix)Riva Live 1

DA Premiere: Stereo MCs feat. Terranova – Deeper (Riva Starr Mix)

Riva Starr is a man who needs zero introduction – the legendary London-based producer and SNATCH! Records boss has churned out chart-topping tracks of all styles and sounds, becoming a go-to name for his trusted club knowledge and Midas touch. It comes as no surprise then that fellow dance veterans Stereo MCs and Terranova have tapped Starr to up the ante on their track “Deeper,” transforming the brooding dark original into a full-steam-ahead, peak-time locomotive.

Pumping kicks start off Starr’s mix as the springy rubber-band synth line and harrowing vocal wisps of the original mix tumble into focus. A master at creating tension and drive, Starr methodically builds forward motion in the track that never relents, a swirl of hi-hats and an undulating bassline doing the heavy lifting as the vocals “deeper, deeper, deeper” rattle onwards. The result is a no-nonsense re-focusing of the original groove, with Starr priming the track for big plays on packed dancefloors.

Release Date: May 3

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