Deadmau5 drops 7-minute electro track, ‘No Problem’Deadmau5 Governors Ball 2015 Dancing Astronaut Andrew Spada 32

Deadmau5 drops 7-minute electro track, ‘No Problem’

Something’s gotten into deadmau5. He’s been (relatively) docile on Twitter, dropping techno at festivals, and releasing new music on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis. Whatever is behind this newfound sense of positivity and productivity, we’re certainly not complaining.

After unleashing a rare collaborative effort alongside his mau5trap protégé Attlas, the Canadian sensation returns with an engrossing new solo composition titled “No Problem.” The seven-minute original finds Zimmerman experimenting with some catchy analog synth riffs over a slowed down electro beat. Drawn out over a curious arrangement, which includes a meandering intro, wavering bridge, and glorious pinnacle, it’s easily one of the more flushed out productions we’ve heard from deadmau5 of late.

Like the myriad of other productions Zimmerman has shared in recent time, he’s offered no word on an official release date.