Deadmau5 earns his own feature on ‘Before They Were Famous’DSC 4959 E1324446204290

Deadmau5 earns his own feature on ‘Before They Were Famous’

Michael McCrudden’s popular YouTube series, “Before They Were Famous,” delves into the past of variety of celebrities, from actors to artists to social media personalities. The show has already examined musicians like Eminem, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Ellie Goulding and Skrillex, with dance music’s favorite rodent-inspired act, deadmau5, earning his own highlight on the latest iteration.

McCrudden starts the segment at the beginning of Joel Zimmerman’s life in Niagra Falls where he is born. First discussing his childhood love for mechanical objects and electronics, the video explores Zimmerman’s early life milestone’s like his first rave, why he spells the project’s name the way he does, his BSOD project with Steve Duda, and lastly, the track that really put him in the public eye, “Faxing Berlin.” The video concludes when deadmau5 is starting to become the dance icon we know him to be today.

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