5 things we learned from our interview with DisclosureDisc New 1

5 things we learned from our interview with Disclosure

Disclosure have blossomed from budding underground disciples into kings of the crossover dance space. Their sophomore album Caracal, for instance, saw the pair join forces with some of the pop world’s biggest stars like The Weeknd, Miguel, Lorde and more. Meanwhile, since the record’s release last September, they’ve been enrapturing audiences on the live front, bringing their special Wild Life showcases to cities like Las Vegas and Miami. On top of that, they’ve announced the lineup for their second annual Wild Life Festival, teaming up with Rudimental to host acts like Carl Cox, Ice Cube, Dixon and more at Brighton City Airport in June.

We caught up with the Lawrence brothers in the midst of Miami Music Week to learn more about their plans for 2016. After picking their brain over lunch, here’s everything we learned from our interview with Disclosure.

5 things we learned from our interview with DisclosureDisc New 4


They’ve been writing new club tracks

While they have may have championed the commercial dance world, it’s worth remembering that Disclosure built their namesake crafting warehouse-friendly club tracks. After unleashing an album full of more pop-leaning productions, Guy and Howard are ready to return to their dancefloor-driven style (at least for the interim between the next album). “We’ve been working on some club-based stuff, more sampling rather than songwriting,” Guy said. “We’ve always kinda done it, it’s just kind of something we do when we’re on the road. When we’re on the tour bus or plane, we just sit there making beats.”

They’ve got more VIPs on the way

Disclosure have been extending the shelf life of their album lately with a series of amazing VIPs, or variations-in-production. “It’s pretty much so we can drop it in our DJ sets,” Guy said. “We do it to the tunes that are the wrong speed to play a house set. ‘Magnets’ is like 90 [BPM], so we just thought we can speed the vocal up and give it a garage-y twist.” Following their previously released VIPs of “Magnets” and “Nocturnal,” the pair have confirmed a “few more VIPs, definitely over the summer.”

They’ll be returning to DJ sets this summer

With a steady schedule of live dates, Disclosure will be switching things up later in the year and bringing back their highly coveted DJ sets. Notably, they’ll be heading out to Southeast Asia for their first serious stint in the region. “We haven’t really been there much at all,” Howard said. While they couldn’t divulge any specific dates or events, expect some announcements in the coming months.

Their live show is exactly where they want it to be

Disclosure recently gave a full breakdown of their live show, and if there was one thing apparent from the video, it’s that Guy and Howard are doing far more on stage than people realize. “It’s as big as it can be with 2 people,” Guy said. “We’re doing as much as we can physically can.” It’s a setup that’s been steadily developing since the pair began their project, and it’s finally where they want it to be: “We’ve had the vision for the past 5 years of where we wanted it to be and we’re finally there,” Howard said.

A new album is not on the horizon

In regards to any plans for a followup to Caracal, both brothers offered a definitive no. “We need some more time,” Howard said. “We gotta tour this one first.” It’s completely reasonable, considering the album only came out in late September — but hey, we had to ask.


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