Fabric offers donation option on ticket for Syrian refugeesFabric London 2

Fabric offers donation option on ticket for Syrian refugees

The intense web of polarized conflict in Syria has torn the country apart, leaving countless innocent civilians without a roof over their heads. Their struggle deepens with the addition of ISIS-executed terrorist attacks breeding generalized fear among the Western public, leading many to demand none be offered asylum in their countries.

Conversely, many are also uniting in their refusal of these scare tactics, making motions to aid however they can. London’s Fabric has now joined the grass roots effort with their own contribution toward the refugees. The famed nightclub now offers web purchasers the ability to donate one British pound toward a fund that supports various charities including UNHCR, CalAid, Refugee Action, and Save The Children.

Fabric’s full statement regarding their efforts to aid Syrians can be viewed here.

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