Funktion One reveals high end analog mixerFf6.2

Funktion One reveals high end analog mixer

Funktion-One has unveiled a new top notch analog mixer, the FF6.2 developed with Formula Sound. The mixer will be released later this year for a cool €4,489–approximately $5100 USD.

The six channel FF6.2 is equipped with high- and low-pass filters, four-band full-kill EQs, and a mono option. Perhaps most excitingly, the mixer will feature pan control, allowing track cuing in one headphone while the other ear is open for booth monitors.

The premier sound gurus have created a carefully optimised maching that is both highly specialized and versatile. The cutting edge 6 channel mixer was designed for sound engineers and DJs alike. 

“The Formula Sound and Funktion-One collaboration throughout the design and development of this mixer has led to the FF6.2 being a serious alternative for club installation and events,” said Funktion One in a press release.  “Its precise creative control and superior audio quality leads directly to enhanced crowd experiences.”

The FF6.2 specs are available on Funktion One’s website.

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