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Buenos Aires closes nightclubs in the wake of Time Warp deaths

In the wake of the five tragic casualties that took place following Time Warp Argentina in Buenos Aires, municipal judge Roberto Andrés Gallardo has demanded the closure of all nightclubs permeating the city. Gallardo’s misguided intent is to cease “all commercial activity involving dancing with live or recorded music.”

The ruling will remain effective until a heavy-handed policy discouraging drug sales and abuse at electronic music events is enforced. While Gallardo is specifically targeting dance music venues, all clubs throughout Buenos Aires must close their doors while a more thorough inspection is conducted, which will single out those venues that do feature electronic music. From there, only dance clubs will be forced to close.

Local club owners are far from happy with the decision and have publicly expressed their anger: “How do you obey a totally unconstitutional order like this one?” Jorge Becco, head of the Buenos Aires chamber of discotheque owners, questioned. “It’s like shutting the vegetable store because you found food poisoning at the butcher shop.”

Via: Reuters

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