GoTenna allows off-grid phone usageGoTenna

GoTenna allows off-grid phone usage

The evolution of technology has led to millenials’ dependence on smartphones while simultaneously allowing us more freedom and access to information. Unease often strikes when a phone is rendered non-functional and the user is cut off from communication and navigation, but a new company seeks to prevent a portion of these occurrences through a product that enables off-grid usage.

GoTenna is a detachable antenna that creates its own cellphone signal with the help of an app and Bluetooth. Every device syncs up with all others in range, allowing contact with each person who owns one. Services are limited to the two most important ones: sending a message, and sharing a location. The demonstration video includes festivals among its hypothetical situations depicted, making for an essential tool for groups of friends trying to find each other within large crowds. Prices begin at $199 and GoTennas are sold in pairs to guarantee contact with at least one other person.

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