Insomniac celebrates 20 years of EDC with YouTube playlist series20150620 EDC Las Vegas DA 1

Insomniac celebrates 20 years of EDC with YouTube playlist series

Insomniac’s flagship festival Electric Daisy Carnival has transformed into one of the biggest dance music events in the world. The very first EDC took place in 1997 with beginnings as a late-90’s underground scene in Los Angeles. Today, the festival takes form as various international editions in North America, South America, and Asia.

This year, Insomniac will celebrate 20 years of EDC with their biggest event to date. Attendees, who are dubbed as “headliners” by the Insomniac team, can expect a slew of surprises for this year’s event, which returns to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Nevada.

To prepare for the event, Insomniac share their ‘EDC 20-Year Playlist Series’ on YouTube. A finely curated selection of tracks will be uploaded for each year of EDC. The playlists come with an accompanying editorial feature on Insomniac’s blog, describing the state of electronic and dance music for that year.

The playlists will roll in before EDCLV 2016 takes place from June 17-19.

2008 below. And the rest over on YouTube.

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