Jack Ü is teaming up with Uber to throw a free show in San FranciscoJack U Hard Summer

Jack Ü is teaming up with Uber to throw a free show in San Francisco

Jack Über is now a thing. A marketing strategy with a name that good couldn’t be passed up — it was bound to happen sooner or later. The idea, nonetheless, is pretty cool. Uber users in San Francisco will be able to use the application to have a driver pick them up and bring them to the Tonga Room for a free show hosted by Skrillex and Diplo Tuesday, April 12. The price of an admission ticket to the pop-up show in San Francisco Tuesday night? Just the UberX fare and you’re in.

Uber users can log into the application around 10pm PT Tuesday night to find Skrillex and Diplo’s smiling “Ü” icon plotted on the map indicating the location of specially designated drivers. Riders and a friend can match with drivers to be taken to the Tonga Room for the exclusive free show. The whole plan is quintessential Diplo and Skrillex. It is quirky, almost spur of the moment, but it comes with a hint of genius marketing and a little fun, and thats what Jack Ü is all about.

Thanks to Uber and Jack Ü, San Francisco’s Tonga Room will be going up on a Tuesday. What city will Skrillex and Diplo’s impromptu Über show land in next?

Visit Uber’s site for full details on the promotion.

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