Jane XØ – Lies (Original Mix)JaneØ Lies

Jane XØ – Lies (Original Mix)

Jane XØ is mysterious — and that’s by design. She lists her name as “Jane Doe” on her SoundCloud for instance, and in her bio writes, “…no worries of success or failure is why I remain behind the wall of anonymity.” Her second track, “Lies,” would seem to assuage any concerns — whether they exist or not — surrounding her abilities or nascent career.

After a somber piano intro, the vocals – perhaps from Jane XØ herself? — establish the emotional core of the track. After singing of a failing relationship, the hook leads into a cathartic drop. A vaguely-futuristic bass chugs along under a chopped vocal laying out the melody while an atypically busy kick drum points the track’s momentum forward.