Kanye and Tidal are being sued by an unhappy fan over ‘The Life of Pablo’Deadmau5 Kanye Jay Z Tidal

Kanye and Tidal are being sued by an unhappy fan over ‘The Life of Pablo’

After all the spats, ultimatums, grandiose proclamations, and utter tantrums that have populated Kanye West’s Twitter feed in the past, it would seem prudent to take anything the rapper tweets with a large grain of salt. However, it appears one San Francisco based fan has had enough of Kanye’s flip-flopping, and has decided to try and force the megalomaniacal artist to live up to his word.

Justin Baker-Rhett has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Kanye and music streaming service Tidal, claiming that the two conspired to use The Life of Pablo, West’s most recent album, to unfairly manipulate fans into joining Tidal. The suit cites as evidence a number of West’s tweets, including one from the day after the record was released, claiming:

The Life of Pablo was subsequently released on Apple Music and all other major streaming services on April 1, and Baker-Rhett is claiming that he and millions of other fans were manipulated into paying money and giving up personal information under false pretenses. The lawsuit alleges that the membership fees and personal information Tidal generated from TLOP’s “exclusivity” are worth $84 million, and requests that Tidal be made to delete all personal data it has for members who joined at Kanye’s prodding. Kanye has yet to respond to the lawsuit, although a lengthy Twitter rant about it in a few days would hardly be a surprise.

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