LCD Soundsystem backs out of Coachella performance, Daft Punk to fill inDaft Punk Lcd

LCD Soundsystem backs out of Coachella performance, Daft Punk to fill in

The most anticipated moment of this year’s Coachella has undoubtedly been the return of LCD Soundsystem‘s legendary live show. Sadly, following the outfit’s two-day stint at New York’s Webster Hall, James Murphy has received doctor’s orders to place a moratorium on impending live performances. Though LCD’s inaugural reunion show was extremely successful, Murphy has experienced severe exhaustion. Murphy, 46, reportedly collapsed during a rehearsal on March 29, following the band’s second NYC performance. Though Murphy himself thought little of the episode, bandmate Gavin Russom urged him to see a physician before continuing their reunion tour, whereupon he was strictly admonished to refrain from performing for at least a month.

While news of Murphy’s well being is alarming, and LCD’s absence from Coachella is disappointing, this crisis has proven to yield a silver lining. Murphy has announced that Daft Punk will be playing in lieu of the scheduled act. Ten years ago, Daft Punk revolutionized the notion of live electronic music, when they granted festival-goers witness to their fabled “Pyramid” in the Sahara tent. In the decade that has passed since 2006, rumors and dreams of a live reunion between Thomas Bangalter Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo in Indio have abounded so thoroughly that falsified lineup memes containing the act’s name listed in perpetuity have become a tradition in and of themselves.

Though the return of the Pyramid results from unfortunate circumstances, Coachella ticket holders can revel in the fact that the longstanding fantasy has become a reality. Murphy spoke with Dancing Astronaut regarding the circumstances surrounding Daft Punk’s decision to fill in for his band. “When I told Thomas and Guy that doctors had ordered me to stay in bed, they offered to come over and keep my spirits high,” he said. “As much as I enjoy when Daft Punk play at my house, I told them I’d be much happier knowing that the kids of Indio are getting a show that’s on par with LCD. So they agreed to take my spot.”

Whether or not Murphy’s health will allow LCD Soundsystem to resume their tour for upcoming shows at Red Rocks, FYF, Lollapalooza, and Panorama remains to be seen.

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