Manilla Killa – All That’s Left (The M Machine Remix)Manilla Killa All Thats Left Remies

Manilla Killa – All That’s Left (The M Machine Remix)

As part of a new pack of four remixes, The M Machine takes on Manilla Killa‘s single, “All That’s Left,” reinterpreting it into a something truly unique. An imaginative adventure from start to finish, the duo effortlessly brings the listener from light and wistful to dark and technical and back again. Using Joni Fatora’s vocals in various fashion, the track effortlessly progresses in a way that belies its seven and a half minute duration.

As with all of The M Machine’s music — before the departure of Andy and after — the track is a vividly soulful sonic expression of creative and intelligent minds. Although their sound has been subtly changing over the course of the last few releases, the soul of The M Machine is still strong as ever and continues to get stronger with each new track.

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