Mike Hawkins releases Armada debut ‘Follow’Mikehawkins Follow Armada Debut

Mike Hawkins releases Armada debut ‘Follow’

While Armada may have once stood as a entity fully dedicated to trance, time has seen the label grow and expand in unimaginable ways. Evident of its new diversity and eagerness to embrace all parts of the electronic music world, Armada recently signed Danish producer and DJ Mike Hawkins, who’s signature sound focuses on soaring, radio-friendly melodies, lush vocals and eclectic sounds.

“Over the past five years, the electronic music landscape has gone through a crazy paradigm shift, and it feels like the time has finally come where substance matters over gimmick,” said Hawkins regarding his path toward establishing his signature sound and joining the Armada family. “I’ve always prided myself on doing something unique, which is something that my fans have come to expect of me – with Armada I have the freedom to dig deeper into my own creativity to morph into the artist I’ve always envisioned myself growing into. With a focus on authenticity and warmth, it’s my goal to connect with my fans on an emotional level, adding dimensions to the music outside of the club world alone.”

Titled “Follow,” his debut release on the label does not disappoint. Featuring Disfunk and Oisin, it’s a dazzling progressive house anthem with gorgeous, uplifting melodies and an infectious vocal that will burrow its way into your head after the first listen.

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