New Melomind headphones will teach you to relaxMelomind

New Melomind headphones will teach you to relax

Melomind is the latest pair of headphones that does more than merely play music back to you. The brand claims to be a hardware and software product that facilitates relaxation every day and eventually, teaches users to relax when the headphones are off.

The headphones come equipped with four electroencephalographic sensors, which track the activity of your brain. To use Melomind, users install the Melomind iOS or Android app on their phone, then pair the headphones with their smartphone using Bluetooth. You start a session on your phone, which launches with a calming voice instructing you to relax and procedural music soundscape, somewhere at the intersection of synthetic music and white noise. You can also use the headphones to listen to music by unclipping the sensors at the back.

Melomind tracks brain activity in real time using the sensors, and sends the data to a user’s phone so that the music evolves according to the individual’s stress level. The neuro-feedback model should bring about relaxation after just a five minute session.

The French Kickstarter-backed venture hopes that consumers will use the headphones once per day, similar to a meditation session. Through the app, long-term users will get new challenges and see how well they perform over time, with progress tracking and rewards acting as functions of the app as well. Sustaining users’ interest will prove to be Melomind’s main challenge considering the benefits of meditation, Melomind-assisted or otherwise, come with time. Check out Melomind’s Kickstarter page here for more information.

Via: TechCrunch

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