Permit approved for the Armory in San Francisco to open new 4,000-person music and event venueSf Armory

Permit approved for the Armory in San Francisco to open new 4,000-person music and event venue

The San Francisco Entertainment Commission awarded the Armory a full entertainment permit after a 4-to-2 vote on Tuesday. The headquarters of pornography company, the Armory has been transitioning from a porn studio into a full-time entertainment venue, which has not gone over well with the neighbors. Three of the four events held at the venue in February went on without a permit from the city causing a disturbance to residents of the surrounding neighborhood all night.

The Kink events director, Audrey Joseph, is also one of the Entertainment Commissioners for the city, which may or may not have had something to do with the company not receiving any citations for putting on such events without the applicable permits. Furthermore, there are those who believe that the venue would not have received the full entertainment permit, which gives the company permission to hold events every night of the week in its 40,000-square-foot interior drill-court, without Joseph being one of the commissioners. Although she did not take part in the hearing process for this permit, it is a stretch to say that she did not introduce any bias into the decision.

The conditions of the permit require the Armory to complete further sound-proofing recommendations and hire security guards to be posted on the neighborhood streets to help with crowd disbursement after events. Although this will certainly help reduce the negative impact of the venue on the neighborhood, most of the residents agree that that it will not be enough and that the company should face harsher punishments for its illegal events earlier in the year.


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