Spotify experiences hour-long blackoutSpotify

Spotify experiences hour-long blackout

Starting at around midnight Pacific time, many of Spotify’s 100 million users reported that they could not access their accounts to listen to music using the desktop or mobile application. With the sheer amount of people that use Spotify on a daily basis and the 30 million paid subscribers of the service, all with their own playlists and follows that may be the result of years of listening, the blackout was cause for concern.

Whether this outage was a result of their current transition into a cloud-based service remains to be seen, though any outage in a service meant to be available on-demand without exception may hurt their customers’ loyalty. The streaming giant recently raised $1 billion to spur growth and stay on top of the music streaming arms race that is currently heating up. With the success of Apple Music and the beginning of SoundCloud’s paid subscription service, Spotify will have to fight to keep their market share, and this blackout does little to help their cause.


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