Startup MetaPop aims to make remixing easier and more profitableMetaPop Page

Startup MetaPop aims to make remixing easier and more profitable

MetaPop, a new startup service from former Beatport CEO Matt Adell, aims to make the process of remixing and, perhaps more importantly, the process of the proper parties getting paid for remixing, much easier. The sites acts as hub where users can sign up in two different ways: either as a remixer or a rights holder. By signing up and uploading their music, the rights holder agrees to allow their tracks to be remixed by any of MetaPop’s remixer users without any further approval. Once a remix is complete, the users will upload their rework back to MetaPop, where it will be available to rights holders, and also to the user’s YouTube page (uploads to SoundCloud may be coming in the future). 

The rights holders will have their pick of any of their artist’s remixes and will be able to select which ones they wish to send to other streaming services, such as Apple Music and Spotify, to begin the process of monetization. Any revenue earned from a remix will be split 70% with the rights holder and 15% apiece between MetaPop and the remixer.

Over 11,000 record labels have already reached agreements with MetaPop to host their original content — though none of the major labels, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music, have. While the site does address the growing concern over the lack of revenue generated by unsanctioned remixes while still allowing for unheralded talents access to popular tracks, to truly make a dent, the major labels will have to get on board.

Via: Forbes

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