Steve Aoki and  Felix Jaehn release official music video for breezy ‘Can’t Go Home’CantGoHome Leadimg

Steve Aoki and Felix Jaehn release official music video for breezy ‘Can’t Go Home’

When “Can’t Go Home” was first released in March, the pairing of Steve Aoki, Felix Jaehn, and Adam Lambert caught many by surprise. The track itself is a curveball from Aoki’s usual hard-partying, cake-throwing anthems, instead focusing on a laid back, breezy, tropical sound.

Now Ultra Music has released an official music video for “Can’t Go Home” that simultaneously matches the expectations laid out by the track while concurrently subverting them. Set in Southern California, the video follows a listless movie star as he stumbles into an invigorating relationship with a beautiful woman. Through a thoroughly Hollywood “meet-cute” — in this instance, a fortuitous gust of wind on a precariously placed fedora — the couple hang at lavish parties, play with puppies, and do yoga together. As with any narrative, though, there has to be conflict and eventually there is a breakdown. Fans will have to watch the video above for the conclusion.

Oh, and the main character is a singularly talented and impressive chimpanzee.

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