Donald Trump to host ‘Make EDM Great Again’ stage at EDC New YorkTrump

Donald Trump to host ‘Make EDM Great Again’ stage at EDC New York

In an attempt to save face with largely liberal millennial voters, presidential hopeful Donald Trump has announced that he will be sponsoring a stage at this year’s EDC New York. In a press release, Trump announced that the former Circuit Grounds stage will be rebranded as the “Make EDM Great Again” stage stating that it will be “tremendous” and that Mexico will “definitely be paying for it.”

Though the festival has yet to officially release full lineup details, the notoriously verbose candidate hinted at a possible Kygo live set. In a press junket, Trump offered: “It’ll be a great stage. I host good stages. I can’t say who is going to perform, because it’s still a secret… but this guy did a great job at the Nobel ceremony. It’s going to be a good stage.”

The accompanying press release divulged that Trump will also host panel programming across the three day festival in a nearby facility. Time slot information is forthcoming, but released panel titles include “Visual Pun Pronunciation in the Post-deadmau5 Era” and “Beyond Button Pushing,” a symposium on integrity management and backline camouflage.

April Fools from your friends at Dancing Astronaut.

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