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Verboten owner arrested for writing thousands in fraudulent checks

Jen Schiffer, one half of the husband and wife duo behind Williamsburg club Verboten, was arrested yesterday on grounds of writing thousands of dollars in bad checks. Schiffer knowingly penned five fraudulent checks amounting to a total of $31,000. She was taken into custody by the NYPD yesterday morning and is currently awaiting penalty.  

This news is the latest in a slew of drama surrounding the club. First, came accusations of fraud and mismanagement by Schiffer and husband, John Perez. Shortly thereafter, current and former Verboten employees spoke out in regards to sexual harassment and racism they had faced by Schiffer and fellow employee, Dylan Schwartz. Only months later came news that Verboten had officially been seized due to its owners evading more than $360,000 in taxes, causing the club to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

As more information around Verboten and Schiffer’s arrest is unearthed, stay tuned to Dancing Astronaut for further updates.

Via: Gothamist

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