Watch This: deadmau5 gives a tour of his home studio and shares production adviceDeadmau5 Razer

Watch This: deadmau5 gives a tour of his home studio and shares production advice

Since its launch, Razer Music has put together an intriguing number of videos from some of the most impressive names in the electronic scene — thought it hasn’t always gone perfectly smoothly. One of its biggest supporters has been deadmau5, who recently added two new videos to the site.

The first is a tour of Joel Zimmerman’s insanely well-equipped home studio. Finally completed and looking like the control room for the Death Star, the Canadian producer highlights some of his favorite gear, including his wall-mounted Eurorack modular synth, a custom Modcan Series A synth, and numerous classic synths including Moogs — pronounced correctly! — and the ARP 2500. While his hardware is impressive (as well as intimidating), the video closes out with mau5 and Steve Duda briefly discussing their early collaborations that were produced using only in-the-box software, specifying that analog gear isn’t necessary for creating strong tracks.

The second video sees Zimmerman joined again by Steve Duda as the duo break down his track “Imaginary Friends.” The video focuses on the process deadmau5 went through in creating the track, namely that he pulled in elements from an older track of his, messed around with them, and ended turning them into something new. The in-depth video — clocking in at over 11 minutes — touches on the minute details that are necessary to turn a simple idea into a musically interesting composition.

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