Watch This: Father and son collaborate on classic Kraftwerk coverKraftwerk Father Son Collab

Watch This: Father and son collaborate on classic Kraftwerk cover

Shot for shot, note for note, father/son team Andrew and Hudson have recreated the classic Kraftwerk tune, “The Robots.” Released in 1978, the original track was part of the legendary German band’s seventh album, The Man-Machine.

“My goal here was to spend some creative time with my 6 year old son, teaching him about music production and synthesizers,” Andrew says. “I also wanted to introduce him to Kraftwerk—heroes of mine since childhood.

With new generations coming of age with new technology that allow music to be created with only a few touches of a button, it is important to keep the roots of different musical styles in the minds of these future creators. For the sake of the future electronic music industry, we can hope that there are other parents out there that bestow this kind of appreciation of the roots of electronic music on their children.


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