Watch This: Flight Facilities perform ‘Clair De Lune’ with Owl Eyes and the Melbourne Symphony Orchesta

Australian duo Flight Facilities have eclectic interests when it comes to building their career, whether it be from putting out a genuinely hysterical video for their collaboration with Reggie Watts or being outspoken opponents to Sydney’s controversial “lock-out laws.” Their ambitious performance in 2015 with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO), eventually released as a live album, should firmly be within fans’ expectations of the type of projects the duo pursues.

Now, the group have released footage of that performance, namely their epic, emotional “Clair De Lune,” accompanied by frequent collaborator and fellow Australian Owl Eyes, ably filling in for original vocalist Christine Hoberg and the MSO. The track, still coming at over the seven-minute mark, is not extensively reworked. The orchestra takes over some of the minimalist composition and melodic elements while Owl Eyes croons above. The performance, however, is packed with emotion and reaches its apex towards the end when the arrangement veers most heavily from the original, with a cathartic release of the entire orchestra rising up and increasing the energy. It’s a truly inspired performance and available to watch in full above.

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