Audion returns with first album in 10 yearsMatthew Dear

Audion returns with first album in 10 years

Audion, aka Matthew Dear, returns with his first album in over a decade. The LP will be released in June, and be titled Alpha.

First surfacing in 2004 with two EPs, Kisses and The Pong, Dear positioned Audion as his alter-ego. Presenting a collection of tracks that were of a different world than the innovative pop sound he had been curating with his multi-instrument live performances, his Audion alias showcased a different side to Dear – one focused more on the integration of art and sound, that few had seen before.

Audion’s aggressive, grittier style seamlessly incorporates minimal grime and four-on-the-floor funk is a reflection of his upbringing. Dear was born in Texas and moved to Michigan as a teenager. It was as a teenager that the Detroit Techno sound inspired him to create electronic music. He met Sam Valenti IV at a party when they were both attending University of Michigan; the two would later found the record label Ghostly International.

The new material continues to echo the techno focus of Audion’s roots with an impressive 13 tracks. Alpha is an assembly of his influences and performance styles, furthering the manic-focused forward momentum that propels the listeners through night into morning. The LP sews together the roots of Dear into a cohesive plot, introducing a new kind of “high-class body music.”

Alpha is not just an album, but rather, a message: Audion is back on top, and here to stay.

01. Dem
02. There Was A Button
03. Gut Man Commeth
04. Traanc
05. Celestial Antibody
06. Destroyer
07. Suppa
08. Napkin
09. Bob The Builder
10. Sucker
11. Timewarp
12. Zunk Synth
13. Sicko

!K7 will release Alpha on June 10th, 2016.

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