New headphones scan your ears to create the perfect listening experienceNura Headphones 160516 1

New headphones scan your ears to create the perfect listening experience

The quintessential headphone experience differs for each individual, and within the last year alone, numerous attempts have been made to create the model listening device. Sennheiser, for example, produced one of the world’s best headphones, valued at $55,000, while Altec Lansing tried its hand at forging headphones with a built-in live streaming camera.

Australian start-up Nura is now trying to outdo its competitors with a new pair headphones that measure your hearing to create the perfect sound for your ears. Both earpieces are equipped with microphones that identify the vibrations emitted by hairs inside the cochlea when they respond to sound. Nura then uses the data to detect the sounds our ears hear best, creating the ultimate listening experience. The headphones are personalized to the extent that they even recognize when you put them on.

Learn more about Nura on their Kickstarter page.

H/T: Fact Mag

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