Boys Noize forced to cut set short as police and protesters clash in BerlinBoys Noize

Boys Noize forced to cut set short as police and protesters clash in Berlin

Video footage from Berlin’s MayDay has surfaced, where a peaceful afternoon turned into a clash between protesters and police. The day is usually marked by good-natured celebration, but this year found authorities shutting down Boys Noize early, just as he was previewing his most appropriately titled new album, Mayday. The general atmosphere of MayDay tends to be festive, but it seems that riot squads moved on partiers, forcing Boys Noize to end his performance early.

Many fans in attendance claim the police shutdown was unwarranted and blown out of proportion. Boys Noize had this to say about the performance:

“On May 1st my @boysnoizerecords crew and I had the idea to throw a street party in Berlin strictly for my fans and the city. We did this very DIY!! As you have seen from the videos the vibe was incredible and very peaceful. The police asked us politely to shut it down and I did. It was a great day in celebration of peace, anarchy and my upcoming record which I played a few times through for the crowd. VIELEN DANK AN ALLE DIE DA WAREN.”

See footage from the scene above.

H/T: Magnetic Mag

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