Brennen Grey – Vested Interest EPBrennenGrey

Brennen Grey – Vested Interest EP

Sinister new producer Brennen Grey has risen from the shadows to present his debut EP, Vested Interest. With the backing of LA-based underground imprint Imune Records, it’s a compelling new release, wielding two compositions of dark, cinematic techno.

The EP presents a rare duality in modern techno, blending the heavy, brooding groove of minimal tech with grand melodic motifs that carry one out from the darkness into more open-ended celestial territories. Both tracks bear an overtly menacing edge, yet feature a distinct evolution over time, slowing morphing into a new beast altogether over their six to seven minute span.

All in all, it’s a worthy debut from a promising new artist to watch in the underground space. Catch Brennen Grey opening up the Drumcode Stage at EDC Las Vegas in June.

Brennen Grey’s Vested Interest EP is available on Imune Records here.