Cassius release title track from new album, ‘Ibifornia’Cassius Ibifornia

Cassius release title track from new album, ‘Ibifornia’

After many long years of near radio silence, French duo Cassius have finally returned with new music. Back in March, the duo unveiled the first singles from their new album, Ibifornia — their first to be released in an entire decade. Now they are gracing the world with title track, “Ibifornia.”

From what has been released thus far, including the tracklist which boasts an extremely eclectic and talented roster, Ibifornia is shaping up to be well worth the wait. From the single Action, which features Cat Power and the Beastie BoysMike D, to collaborations with Pharrell Williams, Ryan Tedder, and JAW, there is sure to be no shortage of amazing music on the album.

After such a long break and so much change taking place in the industry in the meantime, it can be hard for artists to get back into the swing of things. However, with new single “Ibifornia,” Cassius continue to prove that this album has what it takes to stand the test of time, just as their older tracks have stood up since.

Cassius said of the new single:

“Ibifornia is a place where the sun rises high 
And the horses run free 
Ibifornia is inside everyone of us 

One particular Ibizan night we were both walking barefeet with our best friend on the fantastic hills of San Juan in the north of the island watching the moon, feeling the breeze and smelling the typical odors of a summer night. 

We were in the middle of making our album and realized how much protected this land was despite the millions of people landing everyday to have ” the time of their life “. 

We thought about our friends in Paris, Kiev Milan or Lagos, living in city’s suburbs or villages, all of them we realized deserved to feel the summer night healing their troubles away. 

Everyone of them had the right to run with the free horses and lay with indolence under the sun…

Then we found Ibifornia, this place where everyone of us can escape whenever life’s too tough or hard or even when everything is great.”

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