DA Premiere: MK & Becky Hill – Piece Of Me (Riva Starr Remix)AC8U5385

DA Premiere: MK & Becky Hill – Piece Of Me (Riva Starr Remix)

MK and Becky Hill first debuted “Piece Of Me” on the inaugural LA launch of Essential Mix Live, and since then, the infectious house clip has gone on to become a veritable hit on the dance floor. The maven selected his peer and Snatch! owner Riva Starr to provide his own take on the single. Starr is no stranger to remixes, honing his craft with a consistent bundle of them each year. Having recently taken on Gorgon City with grace, curiosity was piqued as to what he would put together for MK.

“Piece Of Me” gravitates toward a slightly disco vibe in Riva Starr’s edition. Notes of garage present in the original are erased in favor of more prominent drum samples and light strings humming in the background. The original’s piano melodies are rearranged to fit this atmosphere, replacing Hill’s voice as the main focal point of the clip. Starr has a talent in stepping completely outside the realm of the tracks he’s remixing while maintaining the emotionally appealing aspects of the original, and this skill stands out yet again with his rework of “Piece Of Me.”

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