Deadmau5 premieres 10 exclusives in latest episode of Mau5trap Presents [Listen]Deadmau5

Deadmau5 premieres 10 exclusives in latest episode of Mau5trap Presents [Listen]

Deadmau5’s ongoing radio show on Beats 1, Mau5trap Presents, has proven more than just a fan-favorite mix series, but a growing outlet for world premieres. On the latest edition, for instance, Zimmerman took the opportunity to showcase a plethora of new material from his friends and cohorts — 10 tracks to be exact.

The mix begins with an unreleased cut from ATTLAS, which Deadmau5 reveals will be part of a new Mau5trap EP from the burgeoning producer. He then goes on to showcase new productions from a series of Mau5trap affiliates like No Mana, BlackGummy, Monstergetdown, and label newcomers Dom Kane and Draft. On top of this, Zimmerman has confirmed the release of a new We Are Friends compilation, presumably featuring much of the new music featured on the show.

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The second half of the show features a guest mix from Spor, the drum ‘n’ bass project of Jon Gooch, the producer behind Feed Me. With 19 tracks slammed together neatly, it’s a relentless affair with stirring compositions from the likes of Joe Ford, Squarepusher, and of course, Spor himself, who just released his new five-track Black Eyed EP.


Hour 1:

  1. ATTLAS – I Need You More
  2. Matt Lange – Consider This (Radio Edit)
  3. No Mana – Slow Motion
  4. Spor – Figaro
  5. Dom Kane – Borg
  6. BlackGummy – ID
  7. Monstergetdown – Tress
  8. Draft – Slipping Away
  9. ATTLAS – Batch (Undercatt Remix)
  10. No Mana – Cube Thing

Hour 2: Spor Guest Mix

  1. Spor – Life Though A Lens
  2. Spor – Figaro
  3. Current Value – Enticement
  4. Phace & Nosia – Drawback
  5. Memtrix & Spor – Darkest Hours
  6. Spor – Blurred Vision
  7. Calyx & Teebee – Ghostwriter
  8. Chroma – Intermission (Break Remix)
  9. Ulterior Motive – Radeon
  10. Spor – Mind Of An Insomniac (ft. Icicle & Linguistics)
  11. Phace & Spor – Out of Focus
  12. Spor – Strange Heart
  13. Inside Info – Conformity
  14. The Upbeats – Dungeon
  15. Spor – Woodruff (feat. Phace)
  16. Joe Ford – Caution (feat. Linguistics)
  17. Spor – Know You
  18. Spor – Texture Experiment
  19. Squarepusher – Tundra 4

Tracklist (courtesy of r/deadmau5)

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