deadmau5 shares 3 new experimental tracks; asks The Weeknd to collaborateDeadmau5 Razer

deadmau5 shares 3 new experimental tracks; asks The Weeknd to collaborate

With his new studio freshly finished, deadmau5 appears to be firing on all cylinders. Taking a break from his Mau5trap Presents radio show on Beats 1 — where Zimmerman continually showcases the best and brightest talent on his label — the Canadian veteran has uploaded 3 new tracks of his own.

Though only works-in-progress (as has become fashion for his monthly SoundCloud idea dump), the productions show off the kind of raw experimentation Zimmerman has been dabbling with the past few months. “Diesel powered cat thruster,” for instance, sports a retro disco foundation, backed by analog synths and a funky melody. “Cat Thruster,” which appears to be the genesis of the idea, is a more drawn out electro composition, boasting a similar melody, but a potent pad progression and bubbling distortion.

Whether jokingly or not, Zimmerman tweeted The Weeknd, inquiring about a potential vocal feature on “Diesel powered cat thruster” (working title).

Lastly, deadmau5 has also shared “Whelk then” — arguably the most appealing of all. Painting an ethereal sonic soundscape, Zimmerman builds a techno-like groove without the weight of an overpowering 4×4 kick. What we’re left with instead is a haunting arrangement of choral pads, acoustic drums, and one savage bassline. The track is easily one of the more alluring creations we’ve heard from deadmau5 as of late.

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