Deadmau5 shares production secrets in new Razer Music tutorialDed

Deadmau5 shares production secrets in new Razer Music tutorial

Deadmau5 and behind-the-scenes production legend Steve Duda have once again teamed up to create a tutorial for Razer, this time revealing various mastering and routing techniques. A major highlight comes when Joel reveals how to create the highly coveted “Deadmau5 pluck” around 9:30.

“Well, the Deadmau5 pluck is essentially a saw wave, with a filter on it,” he says, instantaneously absolving the suffering of bedroom producers across America who’ve been trying to hack the sound for nearly half a decade.

In the 14 minute clip, the producer walks through the production process for his new track “Imaginary Friends,” breaking down the various mastering techniques he employs in Ableton Live. The video is a follow up to a tutorial on melodic structuring the duo posted last month.

Though there’s no word on when to expect a new full length, the contentious DJ has been hyperactive of late — creating and uploading new music in real time via SoundCloud, live streaming studio time, curating Mau5trap Presents radio shows, and answering production questions on Twitter.

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