deadmau5’s SoundCloud has been hackedDeadmau5

deadmau5’s SoundCloud has been hacked

Deadmau5’s SoundCloud page has reportedly been hacked.

Earlier this afternoon, May 23, a mysterious message appeared in the header, seen below. The new header reads “Hacked by OurMine Team” and the new description bears a cryptic message: “Hey Joel , it’s OurMine Team , we are just testing your security , please dm us for contact.”

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The hacking is apparently the work of self proclaimed “security group” OurMine, whose website is a Tumblr page logging the various accounts they’ve recently hacked.

In addition to hacking the producer’s SoundCloud page, the group has uploaded a reworked version of Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time” with lyrics like “OurMine team, we can see that you were just shut down” and the more vicious: “I know you thought you had security, but it was just too easy // and I know that you lost everything, but hacking is the way we rule this.”

The hacked message links back to OurMine’s Twitter feed where the group have tweeted the above message. The group’s social media feed show that this is a typical route of action, perhaps an attempt to gain new clientele. Deadmau5 has yet to issue any sort of reply, but we’re sure he can’t be too happy.

UPDATE: deadmau5’s team was quick to respond, and his SoundCloud has been safely restored.

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