Dropout – My Muse (Original Mix) [Free Download]Dropout My Muse

Dropout – My Muse (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Continuing the dark and ominous themes from their last original, “Hollywood Horror,” California-based electronic duo Dropout have released new single “My Muse.” Their signature vocal style has been developing well since their debut track, “Slowly,” in which they used quite a few more vocal effects on their voices. Although there are still effects and background vocoders on their voices in “My Muse,” the overall style of their singing is becoming more defined and genuine with every release.

Airy textures provide great depth for their vocals during the breaks, and an electric guitar riff dominates the drop with a melodic style and structure similar to most of their other tracks — simple yet effective. Ominous tones prowl underneath the top level of melodies and vocals, causing edgy harmonics to arise throughout the track without taking over entirely.

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