Police took eight hours to shut down illegal UK rave this weekendIllegal Rave

Police took eight hours to shut down illegal UK rave this weekend

Early Sunday morning, Avon and Somerset police in England attempted to shut down a rave, but did not find success until eight hours later. The rave, which took place in Vallis Vale on the outskirts of Frome, continued without halt as the ‘resources’ for officers to shut it down were deemed inadequate.

Around 1:30am, complaints were called in about the party with officers arriving on the scene shortly after. However, the music did not turn off until about 9:30am when police finally took action. Chief Superintendent Ian Smith of Avon and Somerset Police cited safety and health concerns as the reasoning behind the rave’s continuation.

“There were a large number of people in attendance and we needed to have the right number of resources in place to make sure they could leave without putting themselves or others at risk,” he said in a public apology.

In response, some local residents took to the police Facebook page to air their grievances, while others stated that the rave was not bothersome.

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