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Galantis release youthful music video for ‘No Money’

Galantis kicked off April with the release of “No Money,” their first original single since Pharmacy. The childlike, whimsical essence of the song starkly contrasts its lyrical theme, which evokes a “take no prisoners” mentality. The buoyant melodies, youthful vocals, and stern lyrics may seem to be a clastic combination, but the result is summarily successful.

Galantis’ music video, directed by Andrew Donoho, reflects this compatibly contradictory aesthetic. Donoho’s video sees two cabals of young delinquents, all bearing the painted visage of Galantis’ iconic Sea Fox. While singing the song’s lyrics, the children eventually are ostensibly approaching each other for a showdown, which manifests in a colorful, laser-filled dance number. Evocative of the film counterparts for Justice’s “Stress” and Boys Noize’s “Overthrow” (directed by Romain Gavras and Lil Internet, respectively), Donoho’s vision for “No Money” shows that juvenile delinquency is much more lighthearted in Sweden than anywhere else – at least in their music videos.

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