This infographic charts Daft Punk’s entire careerDaftpunk

This infographic charts Daft Punk’s entire career

With all of their seemingly limitless success, it’s strange to consider that Daft Punk came to be a little over 20 years ago and haven’t always been monolithic figures in the electronic scene — and the music industry — that we know them as today. It was only 15 years ago that Discovery was released and rocked music to its foundation; five years later, the robot duo induced yet another paradigm shift with their legendary performance at Coachella.

The group’s genesis can be traced to an indie-rock band formed in 1992, which eventually split and led to the creation of Daft Punk (and, famously, also Phoenix).

This infographic traces Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter’s career from the very beginning, hits all the important spots, and ends with the duo’s latest smash, Random Access Memories. Though it doesn’t go into too much depth, the infographic still provides a succinct and informative look into the singular career of one of music’s most influential acts.

This infographic charts Daft Punk’s entire careerDaftPunk Infographic

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